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Solving staff related problems for IT departments of all sizes

IT operations can't be solved just by hiring the correct amount of full-time employees. One time IT projects, specialized skills needed to support a solution, or unexpected events like office moves, transitions, and leaves creates gaps. ScaleDesk fills these gap with our standing network of IT technologists.

Giving you access to great IT professionals that fit your workplace

Most IT departments have to focus on their main mission: supporting their users. Our main mission is interviewing potential members of our tech network and filtering out the top 5% of IT talent that we can bring to you.

Every company needs people who fit their skillset and culture. Being IT people ourselves, we're the best prepared to find them.

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Staffing companies
Quality of professionals

Poor. Recruiters who have no IT domain knowledge. Hire only based on resumes.

We vet IT professionals with a common knowledge interview including basic networking and system admin questions. We then follow up with a video interview and vetting of at least 2 references. Our operations manager (who is an IT professional) gives the interview.

Works only on requirements that are 20 hours/week minimum and 3+ months in length
Works on any time of recurring roles that are 4 hours+ a week and any ad hoc project 10 hours+

No existing network. Capacity doesn't exist, goes out to hire as requirements comes in

We maintain a large network of ad hoc IT professionals that can easily "jump" into a project. We can field ad hoc 1-10 people for projects with a 1-2 week notice.


Priced around the cost of a full-time employee on a hourly basis

Priced around $75 per hour for smaller < 20 hours recurring roles, around the hourly cost of the employee for long term part-time and full-time roles.


We are on your slack and can respond to you in real time

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